This is me as just a wee tot..jpg

Wow. I was rocking the bow tie before I know how to walk. Style and substance, are a deadly combination.


Now assuming you have arrived here because you have heard of me from somebody and not randomly googled, "foie gras + cigar-smoking + un-godly whisky collection + potty mouth", you have probably heard a bunch of rumours (that are inevitably true). 

I made a lot of money as a teen mowing lawns. Like... a lot. I was kicked out of business school for arguing with my teachers on corporate structuring.


I got an Arts Degree (and did not end up at McDonald's working the drive-through.


Have built and sold companies.


Sat the big table with the Fortune 500.


Chatted with world leaders wondering who I was,..


and written a couple of best-selling business books. 

I'm also the founder of the Ghost CEO™, the world's largest business coaching practice for professionals. I created the Foundry program, which has taught tens of thousands of professionals how to sell, and taken the main stage at global conferences talking about how to do business based on relationships and systems, giving a s$%t about your fellow professionals, and building sustainable and profitable business models. 

Now with the boastful bull$hit out of the way, let's talk turkey. Business and business training is filled with shock and awe. Big music. Big lights. The speaker, jumping around clapping their hands to get the crowd excited. They look at each other in the audience, smiling and having a hell of a time. Then they go to bed, wake up the next morning, and go back to what they were doing before. They might have a little 'speaker hangover', but they go back to the previous.

That's not me. I'm not all teeth. I don't 'rah-rah' people. I teach audiences how to do business development BETTER. I give them the tools, techniques, strategies, and tricks of the trade that only Rainmakers possess. They go from zero to 60 that day and every day after. That's me. Rocket fuel for professionals that needs to sell. 

Truly sustainable business is built on focus, relationships, solutions, and sharing of best practices. Let's do this together?

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