Companies and organizations that tend to hire Christopher are looking for something outside the norm. A business leader that will tell it like it is and who will give audiences not only content (information) but context (how to use that information) moving forward. Without the ability to apply the knowledge, the speaker is just an entertainer and the audience is left having enjoyed themselves but not much more. 


We believe that ever member of the audience should be left better than they are found and they must have useable tools that they can use moving forward, if the speech, training, and facilitation was to have any value at all. From discussing the fundamentals of business development through to sales mastery and understanding the unique (and rarely discussed) dynamics of men and women in the workplace, Christopher is a speaker that believes that every business professionals can have unbelievable success IF they have access to the right information in a way that it can be used by the person receiving that information. His vast list of happy clients is a testament to his ability to deliver on this promise.