Christopher Flett is a contradiction of terms. A reformed Alpha Male who once held a place at the boardroom table of Fortune 500 companies with the fiercest of Alpha Males, he now spends his time working with professional women. Opening up the Alpha Male playbook, Christopher and his Ghost CEO™ coaching program has taken North America and Western Europe by storm. Focussing on the foundation blocks of business development, negotiations, and gender relations in the workplace, he and his program command interested audiences of female professionals looking for the edge in business and welcoming a candid male colleague who will tell them the truth about how men do business and how women can benefit from knowing how men do business.

Christopher is a sought after and engaging speaker who delivers content that is not only relevant to a female audience, but includes tools that they can incorporate into their professional careers immediately. He has been a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant to companies, associations, and non-profit organizations around the world. From Microsoft to Merrill Lynch, and Key Bank to Bombardier, he has worked with companies in developing their Women's Leadership programs that support the advancement of female professionals in their industries. He is a driven change agent and is passionate about  leveling the playing field  for women in business, regardless of their sector or position.


Christopher Flett What Men Don't Tell Women About Business

"The Shock Jock of Business Management."


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