Chris is a frequent speaker on the coprorate circuit as well as with business and women's groups around the globe. With groups as small as 100 people right up to  crowds of 10,000 or more, he enjoys sharing his information about business develompent, sales, and the dynamics of men and women in the workplace. His direct, in your face, and unapologtic style is a refreshing change in a world where sanitized 'corporate speak' is the norm. Promising to never 'sugar coat' the information and be honest, straightforward, and transparent, he is a speaker that can both build initamcy with his audience and give them their 'marching orders' to go and get things done. 

Best known in fiancial servies circles and among professional services professionals, he speaks at an average of 50 conferences a year and appears on many television and radio outlets as well is  a frequent guest expert called upon by newspapers, trade magazines, and business publications. He is available for keynotes, seminars, and in some cases, workshops. His clients range from governments, Fortune 500 companies, business associations, and privately held businesses. 


He sets a brand new bar for business development speakers and will create an experience unmatched for your audience. 

Christopher Flett What Men Don't Tell Women About Business

"The Shock Jock of Business Management."


Business Week Magazine