Commercial Real Estate Women- San Francisco, CA

Christopher Flett was the best speaker our organization has ever had. He had the group laughing, quickly scribbling down notes, and asking questions well past when his presentation was to finish. He was engaging, entertaining, and has set a very high bar for every speaker that is to follow him. We fully recommend him to any group looking for important business content presented in a usable and enjoyable way.


NAWBO – Philadelphia, PA

I can see why he is called the ‘Shock Jock’ of Business Management. It was like getting on a roller coaster and not getting off for over an hour. I have never seen our member so fully engaged with a presenter. The presentation was so good, that we have women, who missed the event asking when we can have him back and women that attended saying that they would like to come back to see him again.”


National Association of Women in Insurance

As I looked around the room at fellow members of our organization, I saw looks of disbelief at what they were hearing. Chris is the first truly honest Alpha Male we have come across and I believe that we wall went into work the next day seeing our male counterparts in a much cleared light. Where was this guy 20 years ago when I was starting my career? We fully recommend him and have told other chapters around the United States that they need to book him.


Women in Technology – Seattle, WA

Wow! Our organization has employees from Microsoft, MSN, Real Networks, Hitachi, and Intel and we all agree that the world of business, especially the technology sector, needs a lot more of Chris Flett. Any organization would benefit from having him in to work with their female leadership as well as all women in the company. I am a big champion of his and see my inner Alpha coming out.


Association of Women in Radio and Television – San Antonio, TX

“Not only a fantastic speaker, but took the time to answer all the questions the audience had and stay behind for some one on one time with our members who had questions they didn’t want to ask in front of the audience. We endorse him 100%.


NAPWM – Long Island, NY

A highlight of our conference. We would have him back again next year if he were available. People are still talking about it.


Commercial Real Estate Women- Jacksonville, FL

We had a full house and we were not disappointed. The audience was listening so intently, you could have heard a pin drop. Mr. Flett is a dynamic speaker and well worth the investment.


Women Business Owners of California

Mr. Flett stepped in to be our keynote speaker. He was funny, had great material, and by the end of his session the only line up longer then his book signing was to get into his afternoon workshop. There were so many people trying to get into the afternoon session, we needed to change rooms, post security outside to control numbers, and had many women upset that they weren’t able to get in to see him.


Commercial Real Estate Women – Portland, OR

His topic, ‘What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business’ was so popular, we had a sold out crowd. The information was so good and the questions were so frequent, we ran over the time allowed by almost an hour. Mr. Flett graciously continued and out of a crowd of 200, only two weren’t able to rearrange their schedules to stay. Those two were quick to connect with members afterwards to find out what they missed.


Professional Organizers of Canada

Chris is a supporter of our organization an has been out to speak at our events twice. Each time, he gives our members something to think about regarding their business and within weeks, members are asking when he is coming back.


Women in Communications – Chicago

We weren’t sure what we were getting ourselves into at first. Booking the Alpha Male had some of our members a bit edgy but within five minutes he had everyone on his side and smiling to one another. He is honest, direct, and a bit edgy but worth every penny. We still quote Flettisms at our meetings and look forward to having him back.


Women In Science – Savannah, GA

The Leadership Program, delivered by Chris Flett was just what the doctor ordered. We all thought he had our plans developed until we found out that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. I haven’t been that blown away in years. The workshop was relevant, the tools are great and ones that we can use going forward in our careers. It is hard to get people in our industry interested in the business side of our careers, but Chris made the learning interactive, customized, and accessible. We would recommend him to any organization looking to offer its members a great presentation with take away tools for their careers and/or businesses.


American Society of Women Accountants – Richmond, VA

An absolute pleasure to have Chris kick off our morning. It is hard to get accountants excited about business development, but he did just that. The hunting pack and champion components struck a cord with our members and I know that they will all be looking at business differently as they move forward with their practices.”


Professional Business Women’s Association – Boston, MA

We were appreciative for Chris finding time in his schedule to add our event. The women were mesmerized and he now has a very large fan base in the Boston market.


Women in Finance – Vancouver, BC

We’ve had Chris back three times, each time to a sold out audience. His information is relevant to our industry and he is able to deliver his content in a way that is compelling and enjoyable to the audience. You can tell that he takes great responsibility with his content and is enjoys entertaining the audience at the same time.


Audience Comments

“I have never learned so much or laughed so hard at brutal honestly. Christopher Flett has a way of shocking the audience with absolute truths and bringing the crowd back around for a second serving. I could have listened to him all day and the only thing that got me to leave was the excitement of putting his tools into practice in my own career.”

Carla Thompson, Women’s Leadership Forum (Orlando, FL)


“Christopher Flett is a king among speakers. He blew away the crowd and had them asking for more. I have never been so moved, nor so inspired by a speaker in my entire life. My only disappointment was that my mother, sister, and daughter couldn’t have been at the presentation with me.”

Debbie Jarvice, Women Who Lead (New Orleans, LA)


“The reason our program was completely sold out was on the reputation of Christopher Flett. He has told the market that he is going to be totally honest and he absolutely delivers. I received as many calls to inquire about his return to Los Angeles as we did to congratulate us on our event. Christopher is a speaker that works his craft and does not disappoint.”

Comercial Real Estate Women (Los Angeles, CA)