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What Men Don't Tell Women About Business (Wiley & Sons, 2007)


Christopher Flett invites you into the cigar club for a frank and revealing conversation about what it takes for a woman to reach the top in the business world. His comments may surprise, shock, even offend you—but they will also prepare you for success in an environment still dominated by men.


You'll learn what drives men to succeed, what women do naturally that undermines their careers, why banding together with other women is a losing strategy, and how to show (or hide) emotion at work. You'll also find out how to gain and maintain the trust of male colleagues, overcome poor treatment or offensive comments, and make sure you get credit for your work without embarrassing or alienating the man (probably your boss) who's trying to take it all for himself.


If you feel that your ideas are being ignored, your hard work is not appreciated, and less talented and dedicated people are being promoted ahead of you, read What Men Don't Tell Women about Business and discover the missing link between your current career and stunning success.

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