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When I wrote my first book, I had these grandious thoughts that I was going to travel the world, giving talks, doing book signings, and being revered by audiences and critics alike. I quickly came to the stark conclusion that I'm not a very good writer in the technical sense, and by the number of editors I ground into dust with my run on sentences and terrible grammar, the Pulitzer Prize would likely allude me. That said, I take great pride in writing books that I would have like to have had access to to when I was building my first businesses. I attempt to be somewhat entertaining AND deliver content that is both accessible and applicable. Readers have rewarded me for these small accomplishments.


I see a book as a business tool  and the greatest complement anyone can pay me, is my seeing a copy of one of my books that has been dog eared, coffee stained, sections highlighted, notes written in the columns, and other evidence of use (and abuse). If a book has left a reader better that it found them, it's done its job as have I.  (Shit...that sounds pretty literary). 

COMING: January 2016

Sales Shark 

Hunt or be Hunted

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